Max height jump

Hello everyone, I have a problem in my code and would like your help. The problem is that when the jump button is pressed, the character jumps repeatedly, I want him to jump only once even if the resume button pressed. I’ve tried a few things but he didn’t jump completely. And I would help so that my character has a maximum height of jump and then return to the floor

if (Input.GetButton("Jump")){
 rigidbody.AddForce(Vector3.up * jumpHeight,ForceMode.Impulse);
 rigidbody.AddForce(-Vector3.up * jumpDown,ForceMode.Impulse);



instead of


With GetButton action will be executed each frame while you hold the button. With GetButtonDown the action will go only once. also normally you dont need to add force for the player to land, he should go back to ground with gravity.