Max Height Of Mountains

Hi, I am working on a terrain project, and I want to make one Huge big mountain, the highest on the terrain, but how do I change the maximum height of where the mountains stops, since every time I try, it eventually turns flat at the top, and doesn't get higher. Any suggestions? Please Help!

Think of terrains as being grids of numbers from 0 to 100. When you get to 100, you can't go any higher. The "Height" of the heightmap is how far the "0" value and the "100" value are. So if your heightmap has a height of 300, and your have a mountain that's "50" terrain units high, it's actually 150 units high.

To set the heightmap height in Unity, click your terrain, go to the Terrain menu, hit "Set Heightmap Resolution", and change the height. Note that this will clear out your terrain data, so you'll have to re-import or redraw your heightmap.