Max Import Problem

I save my Max file into Unity/asset folder. Max file appears without a materials folder, and has an icon to the left looking like of a paper with the right corner folded over. I cannot drag this item into the scene view or Hiearchy.

I can drag the 3ds file in and it looks good. If I export the file as an FBX, I get the mesh and materials and can drag it into the view, but it is faceted.

What am I doing wrong? How can I use my Max file and or fix the faceting of the FBX?

Thank you!

By faceting I guess you mean the faces normals aren’t smooth. There is a parameter to fix that in the fbx import section in the inspector when you click on the model in your project view. Under the Title Normal and Tangent, change normal from import to calculate, change the angle only if you need to an hit accept all the way down.

Thank you so much it works on my fbx!

Regarding not being able to use my Max file into Unity, am I doing something wrong there? I can use a maya file, 3ds file, fbx file, but not Max file. Thank you.

That fixed my FBX, Thanks.

I am still unable to use a max file. I can use a maya file, 3ds file, fbx, but not max. What am I doing wrong? Thanks!