Maximum number of hexagons in one map?

Title pretty much says it all, i’m curious how large of a hexagon-based map unity can generate before taking a massive toll on performance or outright crash. If possible i’d like to know the max number of both 3d and 2d maps.

Thank you! o/

Without knowing more about what you want the hexagons to do this is hard to answer because it will depend a lot on your implementation and the target platform. I’ve used hex maps with over million hexes without any problem, but only a tiny fraction of those were drawn to the screen at any one time, and each hex had only a small amount of data associated with them.

I would suggest implementing a test and seeing how performance changes as you scale the size of the map. It might seems like a lot of work for something which may not work out, but it’s the only way to know for your particular needs.