Maximum number of scenes in a Unity 5 build?

I am in the design phase of a project, my first major project. I have been in this phase for a few months, working my ideas out; Yesterday I was creating a flow chart showing how different scenes interconnected and I realized my project will have many scenes, around 75 - 90 (I know this is a lot, I can’t figure out how to condense my levels into fewer scenes) so I started to wonder …

I did a quick google search to find a Unity forum about the maximum number of scenes in a unity build, the person who asked the question had a fatal error when building a project of more than 82 scenes and this worried me however; This post was from 2010 and Unity has progressed a lot over the last few years and also, another person said that it was a memory problem unity has and the total number of scenes didn’t matter.

So now I would like to know, In the current unity 5; How many scenes can a project build have?

I never thought memory would be a problem as surely all scenes are not loaded at the same time?

I’m building for the standalone player .

Thank you for any support - R

Open a new project, save a scene, select it, press Ctrl-D a couple of times. Select all scenes, press Ctrl-D a couple of times, repeat a couple of times until you get around 1000 scenes.

Then select them all and drag them in build settings. Build the project and see what happens.

In fact, I just did this on 5.4.0b10 64-bit and nothing interesting happened (like crashes or fatal error reporting).