May I play two animations at the same time?

Hello guys,

I’m working on a ball game. So I made some animations for walking. But the problem is when I push “w” and “a” keys the ball starts to spin only one way. Forward or left. So how may I make my ball spins cross side? I got 4 animation ( forward spin, back spin, right and left spin) . Should I create new crosswalking animation or May I animate two animation at the same time? If I may, how?

thanks for hepling…

The closest thing I can think of is [Animation.CrossFade][1, which will blend the two animations. It may look weird, but that’s just how animations work; sometimes they wont look natural if you try to interpolate between them.

  • Create an animation for the desired effect
  • The new Mechanim system allows you to do what you’re asking for (blending animations), but I haven’t toyed around with it myself so it might not be as easy as just creating a seperate animation.