Maya 2009 FBX import odd triangle UVs

So one of our artists sent us an animated model from Maya 2009, along with the issued that one of the triangles was not displaying properly in Unity (but fine in Maya). I got the model in, looked it up and down, and the triangle was having odd issues in Unity, as if it was un-mapped / planar projected from the side. Looked over it in Maya, it looked fine, so I deleted it and rebuilt it - suddenly in Unity the rebuilt triangle was fine but a different adjacent triangle started having the same issue. I downloaded the latest FBX exporter, tried again, no difference. I exported the model as an OBJ and it came through fine in Unity (so its a problem with the FBX format), but as on OBJ I don't get the animations so that's not a good fix. Any other thoughts or suggestions?

-check normals (could be a reversed normal) -clear history -update your fbx plugin

I have had the same issue crop up a thousand times during the making of Machine Island (, and there doesn't seem to be any logical, easy solution to the problem.

Tried everything too; deleting history, updating, reversing and conforming normals, but nothing helps in any predictable manner, and the dastardly triangles always look normal in Maya.

I first encountered this problem with Maya models in Unity two years ago, but have never found a bulletproof solution.