Maya 2018 Animation visibility key set doesn't translate over to UNITY automatically fbx file

Ok so on my timeline in Maya I have key frames that have visibility turned off. They get turned on at certain parts on the timeline. I do not want to use scale to make parts appear and disappear. I would prefer to use visibility attribute. When I bake the key frames and export out as a .fbx file to Unity project, the visibility key frames are ignored. The translation seems to be getting lost from MAYA visibility to Unity’s rendering both are the same function. One Is there something I’m not doing correctly when importing or is there some kind of setup in Unity I need to do so Unity knows what those keys are suppose to do in the animation. I have seen it work from import just can’t remember how. If someone has a great workflow for this and wants to share it I would be very grateful!

Also this that function work on all version of Unity?

George W Palmer

This area is dead too, Nice. Well guess I will figure this out and not share it.