Maya animation breaks in Unity

I have an animated character that works in Maya. But when the .mb or .ma file is imported into Unity, the legs go through his kilt in the animation. I have followed all of the proper steps of importing him in and baking on the animations. Ive got to think its a Unity thing since the animation works perfectly in Maya.

Has anyone else run into this? Can anyone help?

Thanks, Randy Blackwell CEO Lamplight Media

Try an .FBX file instead of a .mb or .ma file. Maybe that will work instead. Hope this helps.


I have similar problems.
Things to check:
Animation curve reduction on import (turn to off)
Can you bake the animation in maya and have it look correct?
Is the kilt in the exact same place in maya and unity?
In the unity animation window, you can right click on the curve and select whether its quaternion or euler (I just discovered this…)
Try different settings in the FBX exporter concerning euler/quanterions

I had this exact same problem with my character’s arm rotations looking broken, flipped, or generally inaccurate in Unity, even though the animation looked correct in both Maya & MotionBuilder.

I discovered that character animation (FBX) from MotionBuilder often had bizarre rotations in Unity. I then started exporting my FBXs from Maya and this helped fix SOME of the rotation issues, but not all.

I have no idea why animations that play correctly in several 3D packages would have wonky bone rotations once imported into Unity. Sometimes this problem occurs, sometimes it doesn’t.

I’m still looking for a fix…