Maya FBX problems in Unity

Hi, I'm trying to fix a very annoying problem I've encountered when dragging an .FBX file into Unity from Maya 2011 of a car I've done. When I drag it into unity the preview of the file is unlit but the model in the hierarchy is fine. I then proceed to change the materials from default Diffuse to anything else with spec or bumped and the preview becomes washed out. If I then change the Main Color of the shader to and RGB of 2,2,2 then that fixes the preview but the model in the hierarchy is too dark.

Can anyone help me please?

Try the following steps...

1.) Try importing the .mb file into Unity directly from Maya.

2.) Make sure you have reversed all normals

3.) Freeze all transformations

4.) Deleted all history by type.

5.) Use either Phong or Lambert Shaders for your Maya materials

Also make sure Unity can pick up all your textures for your materials. In the Asset folder check the materials and check they have textures assigned, if not go and manually assign them in Unity.

If none of those work, I'd suggest importing a simple textured box from maya with one texture and get that working first. There maybe some incompatible geometry in your car model.