Maya flow path object to Unity

Maya has this tool (Flow Path Object) that allows a user to animate a rigged object along a path and deforms the objects rig/geometry to the path’s curves as it travels along the path. Is there an equivalent tool/function in Unity that does something similar?

In Maya I have animated a fish moving along a CV curve path using the flow path object tool, which causes the fish’s body/geometry to conform to the twists and turns of the path. I bake the animation in May and export it as an FBX file. Importing into Unity I get the fish moving along the path but the body/geometry of the fish stays rigid in the position is has in frame 1 and does not deform to the path’s shape as the fish moves along the path. Is there way to get this to work either by an equivalent Unity tool/plugin or the making changes to the way I am exporting from Maya and importing to Unity.

Answering my own question. Looks like the Megafiers product in the asset store will do the trick. A bit pricey, but looks like it will do a lot.

Did you solved your earlier problem !! path deformation Maya to unity ??

Hi, I know this an old thread,

the solution is

Create a Cube at Root joint in Maya > Select Root joint and then cube and parent Constrain

Then bake Cube animation.
Then select Root joint then Cube parent.
Export Fbx with bake options on it should work.