Maya Game Exporter 2016 - FBX file size?


When exporting an animated skeleton from Maya 2016 SP6 via the ‘Game Exporter’, the FBX file size is significantly larger if I include animation clips, than if I do not.

We did this to avoid having to define animation clip start / end frames in the FBX import settings, in Unity.

Why would the FBX be so much larger when including animation clips?
Is there any advantage to defining start/end frames in Maya, and not Unity’s FBX import settings?


I am experiencing the same, I think it is Maya problem, not Unity. And it is not even animations doing this - try exporting fbx with animations trough normal workflow and do the same trough game exporter - the file size will be bigger trough game exporter for no reason. P.s. not a problem of embed media as in both this is unchecked.