Maya Import: Model Distorted (Read/Write)

I have modeled and animated a platform in Maya. It was working fine for a while, animations and all, in Unity.

I ran the game, and tried to edit and save the model at the same time. (Not sure if this is relevant but its when the problem started.)

In maya, the model looks correct and animates fine.
In unity, the model is all distorted and parts are in the wrong place.

I haven’t messed with the import settings at all. I even reimported the model, deleted and resaved the file, and nothing has changed.

Any help is much appreciated!

Here are screenshots.


Ok, I was making a stupid mistake. I fixed the problem, but I’m not sure how. It seemed to me like nothing was changing but it was because I was saving the file in a different place. Anyways, if anyone know why this happened in the first place, I’d really like to know so I can keep it from happening again!