Maya model not importing correctly.

I just recently designed a scene in Maya, and I tried to import it to unity, but only a small piece of the scene actually shows up. What would be causing this?

I’m 2 days new to Unity, and 1 to Maya, so most likely it’s me being stupid. However, I have imported other things like pipes into Unity without a problem.

As a complete unity noob, you should probably disregard my advice completly - however, I’ve had problems with Maya for years that i’ve had to get around!

As you’re importing a whole scene, instead of just an object, prehaps you need to clean it up?
Go throguh the outliner and delete any empty nodes, delete all the history, maybe freeze any transforms.

It may not be a soloution, but Maya can be very picky about you cleaing up your scene.
Again, I don’t know best, but its worth trying!

Add to that, make sure that the scale in maya is set to meters, however when exporting, make sure to set it back to centimeters.

I realized that the only things importing were the normal polygon cylinders, so I went back and converted all my subdivisions and NURBS into polygons, and it worked like a charm!

I guess Unity doesn’t like NURBS. =X

One other thing is to consider the Scale, since Unity uses meters and the default maya scale is centimeters, it is advisable to change maya scale to meters before doing any modeling.

However, when you export, make sure to set the export scale unit to centimeter in the fbx exporter.

It works smoothly with both NURBS and Polygons.