Maya Motion Path issue!!

hello folks.

i have a animated low poly guy who makes a walkcycle along a path in maya. i used “attach to motion path” to make my guy walk on a path. everything is perfect so far.

whenever i import my model into unity either in .ma format or .fbx, i could make it to walk the guy on where he is standing but nothing more. it doesnot travel on the path like the way i made it walk in maya. i guess unity doesnot acknowledge the curve or the path.

is there a fix for this, or am i missing something?
i tried to use itween but it is not working as smooth as i want it to be…

thank you guys in advance…

When you export the FBX, under the File Type Specific Options, under Bake Animation, tick the ‘Bake Animation’ tick box and the animation will be imported into Unity3d.

Works in Maya 2015 and Unity 5.2.2