Maya objects with different transforms.

Hey, folks!

So, I’m making a game with objects I’ve imported from Maya. THere’s no animation in them. I’m just confused by their transforms in the scene–when I look at the transform of my maya object, it says that its position coordinates are (31, -2737, -518), but then when I place an empty Game Object in exactly the same place, it says the game Object’s position coordinates are (0,0,0). Do you have any idea why this is happening, or how I could “re-align” the maya object’s position with Unity’s global transform system?



Repost: (I did not want to answer with a question, thanks!)

Are you possibly placing the empty game object as a child of the Maya object?

Make sure there is no hierarchical constraints (An empty GameObject with another object nested inside at the exact same position, will show it is at 0,0,0, which is relative to the parent’s transform.)

Could also be the pivot point location. Again this is very hard to give a direct answer to as it all depends on how the scene is set up.