Maybe easy to do, but: How?


I got 2 scripts to move my 3rd-person character
in the way I aimed for:

One for horizontal movement with WASD keys,
and one script to rotate
the character around his Y-axis
by moving the mouse left/right.

Now I try to find a way to bend
the character’s upper body,

so he can look to the ground or sky.

My Question:

How to rotate his upper body
around his X-axis

by moving the mouse forwards/backwards?


I’m not clear which starting point
could be the right or best one to achieve it,

maybe someone could show
the direction I should take?

All tips are appreciated

I think what you are looking for is IK, If you are using a humanoid model/rig is supported, but needs to be setup in code. If you are not using humanoid, then god luck :slight_smile: (I tried to more animal like IK a while ago and it id not go well) If all you need is up and down rotation, you could make an avatar mask
Both of these could be the solution to moving JUST the upper torso.

You should look up Unity’s AnimationLayers. Though we have no idea what your “character” actually is. So if it’s a rigged model, a single 2d sprite, made up of several 2d sprite parts, …