Mb to fbx strange crushing issue

Hey, so I used autodesk’s character generator to make a character for me, and it turned out okay.
Then I started making animations, and exported it as an FBX to Unity. So far so good

This is what is should look like according to Maya, but

This is what it looks like in Unity. All crushed-up. I think it may have something to do with the skeleton, but I don’t know. As you can see the sword is the same size, and the crushed model has some tiny legs.

Does anyone know what’s going wrong? Do characters from the character generator have known issues?
I can provide the MB if it will help.
Thanks in advance!

Hehe that does look quite funny!

Seems to me to be a problem with the rig scale as exported - have a look at the skeleton in Maya, check and remove any extra control rigs and then also check your scale settings are set to Centimetres. You may also need to bake/freeze transformations applied from scaling, and then once exported, try re-importing into Maya for sanity check.

Next step would for troubleshooting would be to check the scale settings for the imported model in the inspector and make sure they are as expected (0.01 for cm out of Maya) and crucially:

Apply the same scale settings to the animation FBX as the model FBX that you generated the humanoid avatar from. For more guidance on this here are a few resources:


Its because you modified the skeleton after exporting in fbx, if you want to modify or change or remove the bones from skelton, just modify it in main file where reference comes.
My issue has resolved after doing this.

Gunjan Kumar saharavat,Its because you modified the skeleton after export in fbx, Like reduce the bones after exporting.
If you want to change or modify or reduce the bones, only do it in main file where reference comes.
My issue has resolved like this

Gunjan Kumar Saharavat