MD5 Implementation - Server Side High Score Problems

I'm trying to get this working:

After following the instructions on that page I got this error: Assets/HSController.js(13,14): BCE0005: Unknown identifier: 'Md5'.

I found this post with the same problem:

And someone suggested looking at this wiki entry for MD5:

On that wiki it says to "placed (the c# code) in your static-only utility class". I didn't know where to find that class so I tried the .js version of the code and got the following error: Assets/md5functions.js(6,34): BCE0023: No appropriate version of 'System.Text.UTF8Encoding.GetBytes' for the argument list '(Object)' was found.

So my questions. Where is the "static-only utility class"? and/or How can I avoid the md5functions.js error?


:) "Your static only class" is any class you like. In C# every function belongs to a class. For some generic functions (that are not related to an object or class) you normally create a static class (you can't create an instance of this class). A static class can only contain static members (variables and functions). Generally you can call your class whatever you want, but in your case the class should be named "Md5".

Otherwise this code wouldn't work:

var hash=Md5.Md5Sum(name + score + secretKey);

When you already have an own static class for your other static methods, you can add the Md5Sum function to that class but then you have to use:

var hash=YourStaticClassName.Md5Sum(name + score + secretKey);