Mecanim and Lightwave 11

I’ve just been looking into the Mecanim system and it is very powerful! Until now however, i has been breaking up my animations from one long animation.

When i go through the process of creating a Humanoid character in the FBX import dialogue Unity converts the animations into something called a “Base Stack”. This is fine for the usual Animation component but will not work for the Animator and Avatar Control process. The animation assets created by breaking up the clip can’t be dragged into the Animator interface windor. How to convert Animations in Lightwave into “takes”?

I understand takes are necessary in order to create animations that are “sharable” between Avatars. Anyone using the Lighrwave to Unity export workflow?

Haha! No still working in lightwave as I have for the past 14 years. You haven’t posted the link you mentioned. Perhaps because there are so many good resources for learning lightwave on the web. Including some newer videos by Lino Grandi and an older more comprehensive series of vids on YT by William Vaughan. There are some more niche videos to be found on spline and other techniches online as well. in fact there is a sale going on here New Page 1 of a bunch of vids for 7 bucks each. Lightwave works well with Unity and there is a tutorial in the Manual of 11.5. If you have any questions let me know…