Mecanim and Ragdoll Issues?

So, I have a non-humanoid ragdoll set up manually with rigidbodies and joints, and I have an animation controller with an idle animation slapped on it. However, the creature I’m animating is both a ragdoll and animated, so it just kind of falls over and starts wriggling around. Wha’s goin’ on?

@HarshadK is correct. “Ragdoll” means that a model’s joints are being controlled by the Physics engine. An Animator means that a model’s joints are controlled by a pre-determined animation clip. You can switch between them, but not (easily) have both at once.

If you have an active animator, it will override the joint’s physics information with animation information. If you have bones that don’t have any animation data on them, you can have parts that ragdoll while the rest of the skeleton animates. You can achieve this by masking out bones that you want to rag doll.

So, if you have a character with bouncy ears, simply mask out the ear bones and attach rigid bodies to the ear bones.

When you want the entire character to go into ragdoll, turn off the animator and set the rigid bodies to Kinematic = false.