mecanim and rigidbody gravity effect doesnt work

so i want my character to fall to ground , with mecanim on and a rigidbody component on a child object of root


(red:root,yellow:the one with rigidbody)

when i use

  1. rigidbody on my child objects and mecanim on ->no fall
  2. rigidbody on my child objects and mecanim off → fall
  3. rigidbody on my root(where animator component is) and mecanim on → fall

apply root motion is off.

root transformation rotation bake into pose is on,

root transformation position(y) bake into pose is on,

use gravity in rigid body is on,is kinematic is off,

so why the first in the first scenario the object doesn`t fall


(metarig is the root of my bones in the rig and the animation animates the whole body but animation component is attached to E5 but rigidbody is in metarig that it doesnt apply force)

I dont understand what exactly you are trying to achieve. I guess the animation is overriding the rigidbody so thats why the object doesnt fall to the ground. What is metarig anyway? is it animated or attached to the object later?