Mecanim animation clip curve value not being set to variable

I am trying to add a custom curve to an animation clip by going to the animation import settings, selecting the specific clip in the inspector, then going down to the curves section, pressing + and naming a curve “test”. I am then going to the animation controller that contains this animation clip as one of it’s states and adding a float parameter named “test”. When I run these animations, this parameter named test never changes from 0, even though the curve is constantly changing.

I have tried this with the models/animations I have received from an artist several times, setting up different test projects, but the value is never update. If I open the Mecanim test project and try it with the Unity provided models/animations, then this same process works no problem, and the value for the parameter changes in both the animator view and when accessed in the code. When I apply these Unity provided animations to the custom model, even though the animations themselves don’t work on the model, the curve parameter is updated.

When running the scene using both a custom animation and unity animation on a custom model and watching the animator view, the parameter with the same name as the curve in the unity animation is grayed out and updating, but the parameter with the same name as the custom animation is not grayed out and not updating.

Does anyone know of any specific settings, or any issues with animations that can cause the parameters of the animator not to link with the animation clip curves of the same name?

Maya wasn’t installed on my machine, and what the custom animations were from Maya, so when I added the curves it wasn’t actually saving the curve data to the animation files, just saving it in the unity inspector. I guess the Unity provided animations were in a different format that my computer was able to edit so the data was being saved properly for them.