Mecanim animation curves

I’m going through the mecanim tutorial:

And I don’t see an option for animation curves. I’m using Unity 4 free beta. Is this a pro only feature or did they move it around in the beta? Thanks.

Looking at the license page it mentions that “Additional Curves” in Mecanim is Pro only. I would assume these curves are exactly the ones that the tutorial is using.

I have the same problem. cant find the curves

Unity 4 free does not appear to have the ability to do ANYTHING with curves. Perhaps they should drop the additional from that text!

Can anyone point us in the direction of how to do something similar without the pro version?

Well I love unity but the developers just made an evil thing… I guess you are trying (as me) to understand mecanim and also to set the colliders propperly while the animation plays. Well, thouse of you who have the free version must have already noticed that the collider is not animated at all, and without the curves it is very hard to handle that… BUT. I just found and easy way to acomplish collider handling, here is my solution: instead of using a collider on the parent mesh, I created a box (renamed BoxCollider) with a box collider attached. Then I set this box as the child of the hip, adjust the size so it covers the mesh, and then I unset the renderer. Now I have a collider that follows the player pretty nicely (most of the times). Anyway, this is easy to do, fast to try, and not so bad as a starting point as long as we are not able to get the pro version… Although this is no curve, it´s something.

I played around with the pro version quite a bit over the weekend for the global game jam. I found that you can change the size of the collider pretty easily, but setting up the timing for it is another issue entirely.

CapsuleCollider col;

public float colliderHeightShrunk;
	public float colliderRadiusShrunk;
	//need top store collider size since the animations tend to resize it
	private Vector3 colliderLocation;
	private float colliderRadius;
	private float colliderHeight;
	//private variables that hold delay lengths for collider resizing
	private float colliderShrinkDelay = 0.25f;
	private float colliderRestoreDelay = 0.75f;

void Start () {
	//store collider info
		col = GetComponent<CapsuleCollider> ();
		colliderLocation =;
		colliderRadius = col.radius;
		colliderHeight = col.height;

call the shrinkCollider() and RestoreCollider() methods as needed.

//Shrinks the collider down to a ball so that the character can clear objects when jumping
	public void shrinkCollider()
		col.height = colliderHeightShrunk;
		col.radius = colliderRadiusShrunk;
	//restores the collider size to the default value after jumping
	public void restoreCollider(){
		// fallback to reset collider height & position = colliderLocation;
			col.height = colliderHeight;
			col.radius = colliderRadius;

I’m sure there is a way to slowly change the size of the collider by itweening between the start and the finish sizes, but at some point it just becomes cheaper in man hours to buy pro.

The main problem that I had with the pro version of mecanim is that there does not seem to be a way to override the root motion of an animation without having to control all of the root motions for all of the animations. For example, if you wanted your character to walk a little faster you can modify the transform position in the OnAnimatiorMove() method, but if you do this you must take over control of all of the animations. Also, if mecanim is controlling the root motion gravity doesn’t seem to work.

I find it a little evil of Unity to come cripple the free version by not including curves… kinda sucks to be honest, and then release a tutorial the tells youhow to use them but does not mention “by the way,this is only for PRO…”, kind of sucky behavior… I came to unity from UDK and find it to be a breath of fresh air… but having used UDK with all it’s power finding crippleware approach in unity is a little frustrating…this is the only thing I have found that pro has and free does not that was something I felt important, also the sync option in anim layers is unavailable with makes the layers next to useless in free version… Maybe unity need to find a different licensing strategy… so people like myself can afford all the features without have a big budget…

NOT a perfect-Way but here is what i do to work faster
for the Moment. (sry my bad english)

Make a Collider that is DEactive when Character Jump

1.- Give your Character a CUBE

2.- DEactivate the MeshRenderer from CUBE

3.- Give the Cube the position u want (for legs or something)

4.- Make a Script

5.- Drag ´n Drop the Script to u Chara.

6.- Now when u press “W” and “Space” the “CUBE” was for 0.85 seconds deactivated

var colli : GameObject;

function Start (){; }

function Update () {

if(Input.GetKeyDown(KeyCode.Space) && (Input.GetKey(KeyCode.W))) 


function waitJump()
yield WaitForSeconds (.85);;