Mecanim animation import

Hi there, I am working in Mecanim (Unity 4.2.1f4).

I had previously used animations in fbx files (from 3D Max), containing animation clips and the mesh of animated character. I have a lot of different (humanoid) models using the same bone hierarchy and the plan is to share animations between them.

What I want now is to use bone animations files that don’t contain mesh. But I have a problem: if the clip is not an idle pose, avatar is defined incorrectly. What I need to do to have correct avatars after importing animations without mesh?

Thanks in advance.

The problem solved: it was caused by an incorrect avatar. Conclusion and advice for those who have any problems with animation import with Mecanim: double (and better triple) check avatar mapping! Even if it is fully green in Editor. Even if it has main bones mapped right. The problem can be with that tiny bone in the finger on the left hand, or for example an eye bone, just ANY bone!