Mecanim Animation Preview Window - Blue and Red arrows?


Can anyone tell me what the blue and red arrows in the animation preview window are meant to display?

alt text


IIRC the blue arrow represents the root rotation, i.e. the rotation of the root node of the avatar. The red arrow is pose rotation, where mecanim thinks your character is “facing”.

Have a look at some of the example animations,they are not always meant to line up, it depends on the motions you are animating.

Is there a way to change the rotation of the root node? @Lazer_13

To change the rotation of an animation see “Root Transform Rotation” section on Unity - Manual: Root Motion - how it works. Very dependent on how the animation was originally setup. Lots of experimenting may be required since there are many options on how the animation was originally rigged and many options in Utility for changing the root motion.