Mecanim animator. Set speed of a single clip.


I’ve just started working with the mecanim animation system. I use it to animate my player character. It also has a run animation. The speed of my character changes during the game thus i want to adjust the speed of the run animation accordingly.

Unfortunately I haven’t found out yet how to change the speed of a single clip during runtime. Using Animator.speed would change the speed of all my animation but I only want to affect my run animation. So bsaically I am looking for something like the old animationState.speed.

Thank you

The easiest way I’ve found is to create a blend tree containing the same clip multiple times. Each one will have a speed attribute in the blend tree, then you can use whatever parameter you want to switch smoothly between the two speeds.

Sorry to necro a thread. But in case others find this thread like me.
Unity came up with a solution (finally) after a couple years.

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When you dragged animation in animator controller or create blend tree you can changed speed of your clip in inspector tab.