Mecanim best practices: connecting all states

I’ve fully connected all nodes in the animation graph, duplicating the conditions for each one. This is very cumbersome and fragile, with any future changes having to be made on many different transitions. Is this how everyone is setting up mecanim animations?

I could use AnyState, but then cant control individual transitions.

Your Idle, Walk and Run animations should definitely be in a blend tree, mixing between the tree based on a float parameter you send in based on your character’s speed. That would cut your number of states in half.

Secondly, your death animation is exactly what the any-state node is made for. I doubt there’s going to be a big difference between how you want to transition from walk and run to death, so just grab one transition to death from any-state.

Finally, you have a transition back and forth from eat and the movement blend tree. That should be three nodes and three arrows.