Mecanim Humanoid Retarget Multiple Fingers


I got some animations with only two fingers… One for thumb and one for “all other fingers”. When i try to retarget it in Unity, The 'one for all other fingers" i can retarget to only one finger. The remaining fingers remian Stiff - Unanimated. Is the only option to edit the animation (in Blender or 3dsM)? Or is there a way that I can retarget the same finger to multiple mecanim bones? (Hope i am able to put the question adequately clear)

Thanks & Regards


Did it in the Motionbuilder. (Added a new layer to add remaining fingers, tweaked it, and re-exported the animation to fbx).
(This gave me an excuse to learn motionbuilder. :slight_smile: )
(Now my only concern is if i can use tis animation commercially… as i did in a students edition of motionbuilder)