Mecanim Idle state resets to original object's position


I have small brick which I want to move right by 1 unit to the right. Then I want it to stay in the new position (forever or until some event happens). Move state runs ok and moves brick as expocted. But, unfortunately, then when Idle state is entered, the brick jumps back to object’s initial position instead of staying where it was moved by Move state.

I created simple animator controller with two states: Move and Idle. Move state has MoveAnim clip (first screenshot) and Idle state has IdleAnim clip (second screenshot). MoveAnim clip has 2 keyframes (move from position to position). IdleAnim has no key frames as it should do nothing, just stay in Idle state.

I also tried to uncheck Write Defaults on both states, as i thought it will prevent Unity to reset objects position.

I am using Unity 5.1.0f3

Can anyone, please, help me with this?

@Tom Atom - I’ve not animated color in Unity yet - but if you are attempting to control this in mecanim - shouldn’t it be setup with 3 states with normal color = start state, transition animation from normal color to red = second state, then red color is the third state you transition into which keeps the color red.

May also be a bug - 5x, 5.1, 5.2 has been littered with animation bugs.