Mecanim & importing models with twist bones.


I’m having quite a problem to properly import model with twist bones and create avatar of it. If I simply select the upperarm/forearm/hand bones for my arm, the model will not properly animate with my premade animations. It’s lacking the twist bones, although mecanim avatar doesn’t seem to have field for it. Any idea what to do with it?

In the Rig options, make sure, that “Keep Additional Bones” is checked. After that i am just adding the Shoulder, Elbow and Wrist as the arm joints and the rest i leave un-tagged. When i check the animation, that is on the rig’s, the forearm joints are twisting just fine. It’s simply playing their animation.

If it doesn’t work try to go to the “Animations” tab and at the “Anim. Compression”, set that to Off and see if that will help you…