Mecanim issue: Twitching when blending into blendtrees


So I have an animator controller which consists of a base layer, a layer that is synchronized with the base layer, and a layer that controls the arms. In all the layers I have several blendtress and when I blend into one of these, in the synchronized or arms layer, the character twitches at the beginning and end of the animation.

I’m not sure if the a unity bug or if it’s something specific to my configuration.

It seems that the bug comes and goes, but I’m sure what triggers it.

Has anyone else had similar issues and do you know of any solutions? Any information is helpful.

Are you using the new “Trigger” feature or the older “Boolean” to make your animations change? If you’re using the boolean – or even the trigger – you may be starting the animation on each frame for a while. Have you watched your Animator window for your character to see what animation is running when the twitching happens?