Mecanim model imported for legacy asset kit, beginner help plz

I bought the “Toon Character Pack” models which use mecanim and the AGK kit which uses legacy. Can I still import these models and animations into the legacy kit? I tried to import it and just use the models Idle animation for all the animations the kit’s player model requires, the model displayed without error but was in T stance and slides off the screen lol.

Obviously I have a lot to learn about models, animations, legacy and mecanim. I’m looking for some tutorials but the “Animation” section of Learn tutorials is still “In production”. I did a bit of google’n but couldn’t quite find the right tutorial for this. So I was hoping you guys/gals could help to speed my learning process and point me in the right direction with this.

My Goal(s):

  1. import the (mecanim) model into AGK (for its legacy use) and configure it as the player character.

  2. learn how to import at least the model’s walk animation (even if all animations are just walk, that would be fine for this step).

  3. the model pack lacks an attack animation (wtf?!) so I’ve got to figure out how to add a new “attack” animation to the model (like to slash his sword). Where should I begin with this? Do I need something like Blender or Mixamo? Or can I do this in Unity itself?

If it’s not to much to ask, do you have any tips to help speed me get through this (so far painful) learning process? Any tips, instructions, good tutorial links, etc. are very much appreciated.
Thanks in advance

Okay so, not much help here but I’ve determine that the issue is the model pack. Other models seemed to work. I wouldn’t suggest the Toon Character Pack for beginners.

As far as I know and understand what your are saying, you cannot use Mecanim animations as Legacy animations