Mecanim set up a pose

Ok, first of all, yeah I am new to unity. Only got into it due to it supporting the Oculus Rift and the stuff I am doing now is quite different from the stuff I tend to do.

Now, all I want to do is set up a few very simple poses for a mecanim character, stuff I can set up in a matter of minutes in the preview of the skeleton in the muscles tab. I don’t need complex animations, just setting up some poses by altering the muscles and after that I will probably figure out the rest again. So what I am looking for is just any tutorial/document/whatever that describes a way to set up such a pose. I mean, I have already used ready made animations to do more complex stuff, but making a static animation containing just one pose shouldn’t be hard, yet in the animation window it just crashes as soon as I do anything with mecanim characters + there isn’t anything about muscles either way. So I am sure I am overlooking something simple and I could do the things I want from code, but that seems to be far harder than necessary + I couldn’t utilize the power of mecanim in that case :frowning:

Hi, I believe my extension Skele could help you make pose and animation here.

You could find out more info and videos in the Forum.