Mecanim transition default armature pose

I have a 3D model of a pair of arms in unity 4 with 2 animations, an idle one and an attacking one. In both of these animations the left arm is facing downwards so it is not in view of the camera.

When I expand the Arms asset in the project panel and preview the attack animation the left arm is in the default armature position (stuck outwards away from the body.) However when I preview it in the animation import settings it is fine (facing downwards the way I animated it to be).

When I play the animation in my game the left arm sticks outwards even though this is not the way I animated it. Could anyone tell me why Mecanim is resetting the pose for the left arm?

It seems like you’re actually not animating the left arm.
So your imported animations do not override the default behavior for the left arm.
The default behavior for the character limbs is the famuous “T” pose with arms sticking outwards.
So I suppose that to have the left arm hanging you need to specify the default behavior override for it just like you did for the right arm.

I managed to solve my own problem. For anyone who has the same problem:

My issue was that I was animating all my animations on one timeline within Blender. Since the left arm didn’t move throughout the whole animation I assume that either when exporting from Blender or importing to Unity, the information was being compressed, i.e since the left arm didn’t move, Blender didn’t bother to add the position data for the subsequent key frames (despite me telling it to.) To fix it I simply separated the animations by splitting them into different actions within Blender.

Hope this helps others who might run into this issue :).