Mecanim tute problem.

hello,In Mecanim tutorial project in the Tutorial_done scene,The character(Kyle_Robot) does not touching the ground after jumpdownroll…does anybody know how to solve this :smiley: thank you…

The problem is that the released version change OnAvatarMove and OnAvatarIK to OnAnimatorMove and OnAnimatorIK respectively. Also, in the “base” state for the animation controller, you have to check the checkbox for “IK Pass”. You may need to expand the base state if it’s not visible.

Ok there is a fix to it now just Past the following Script to BotCtrl.

using UnityEngine;
using System;
using System.Collections;

public class BotCtrl : MonoBehaviour {
	public bool gotWrench;
	protected Animator animator;
	CapsuleCollider col;
	float h;
	float v;
	AnimatorStateInfo baseCurrentState;
	AnimatorStateInfo baseNextState;
	AnimatorStateInfo otherMovesCurrentState;
	public float DirectionDampTime = 0.15f;
	public float AnimSpeed = 1.2f;
	public float MoveSpeed = 1.5f;
	public float rotSpeed = 90.0f;
	public float JumpHeight = 70.0f;
	public bool useCurves;
	Transform grabbableObj;
	void Awake(){
		if(gameObject.tag != "Player")
	void Start () {
		animator = GetComponent<Animator>();
		col = GetComponent<CapsuleCollider>();
		grabbableObj = GameObject.FindWithTag("grabbable").transform;
	void FixedUpdate () {
		// Grab Input each frame
		h = Input.GetAxis("Horizontal");
        v = Input.GetAxis("Vertical");	
			// Set Speed and Direction Parameters to H and V axes
			animator.SetFloat ("Speed", v);
			animator.SetFloat("Direction", h, DirectionDampTime, Time.deltaTime);
			// Set variables for info on states
			baseCurrentState = animator.GetCurrentAnimatorStateInfo(0);
			baseNextState = animator.GetNextAnimatorStateInfo(0);
				otherMovesCurrentState = animator.GetCurrentAnimatorStateInfo(1);
			//Trigger Jump if we are running
					animator.SetBool("Jump", true ); 	
			// Are we in idle state in Base Layer? set actions
			else if(baseCurrentState.IsName("Base.Idle")){
				// allow pivot on spot with Horizontal axis keys
				transform.Rotate (new Vector3(0,h*Time.deltaTime*rotSpeed,0));

				// make fire button cause a Wave during idle
					animator.SetBool("Wave", true );
			else if(baseCurrentState.IsName("Base.idleGrab")){
				// allow pivot on spot with Horizontal axis keys
				transform.Rotate (new Vector3(0,h*Time.deltaTime*rotSpeed,0));
				animator.SetBool("Grab", false );
			else if(baseCurrentState.IsName("Base.Jump") && !animator.IsInTransition(0)){
				// Reset our parameter to avoid looping
            	animator.SetBool("Jump", false);
				// allow half as much rotation during jump
				transform.Rotate (new Vector3(0,h*Time.deltaTime*rotSpeed*0.5f,0));
					//set the collider height and Y center during the jumps, based on curves Vector3(0, animator.GetFloat("ColliderY"), 0);	
					//add extra force to main jump
					rigidbody.AddForce(Vector3.up * animator.GetFloat("Jumper") * JumpHeight);
			else if(baseCurrentState.IsName("Base.JumpDownRollRun") && !animator.IsInTransition(0)){
				if(useCurves){ Vector3(0,animator.GetFloat("ColliderY"),0);	
				// fallback to reset collider height & position = new Vector3(0,1,0);
			// Check other moves layer for status
					animator.SetBool("Wave", false );

	void OnAnimatorIK(){	
		if(baseCurrentState.IsName("Base.idleGrab") || baseNextState.IsName("Base.idleGrab")){
			float grabCurve = animator.GetFloat ("GrabCurve");
			AvatarIKGoal rightHand = AvatarIKGoal.RightHand;
			if(grabbableObj != null && !gotWrench) {
					// Use the Curve from grabbing animation to drive smoothing of avatar hand position
					animator.SetIKPositionWeight(rightHand, grabCurve);
					animator.SetIKRotationWeight(rightHand, grabCurve);
				// Set IK hand position and rotation destination 
				animator.SetIKPosition(rightHand, grabbableObj.position);
				animator.SetIKRotation(rightHand, grabbableObj.rotation);	
				// Reset Hand to be controlled by animation
				animator.SetIKPositionWeight(rightHand, 0);
				animator.SetIKRotationWeight(rightHand, 0);	

	void OnAnimatorMove(){
		// Set up for a rigidbody - set the RB position equal to the animator deltaPosition and increase by MoveSpeed
		rigidbody.position += animator.deltaPosition * MoveSpeed;
		transform.rotation *= animator.deltaRotation; 	

This is the perfect script and thanks to @Oceany for the answer.

have you tried adjusting the rigidbody colliders mass? Im no expert but maybe the increased mass would bring him closer to the floor? or perhaps some other adjustments regarding his collider

I had the same problem and i posted in aswell. The problem is we are using a capsule collider rather then character controller. so if we add a character controller on the player and remove the capsule collider after changing some codes from the script the player wi just fall down or while jumping won’t scale the collider if used with curves. So the best solution is to wait until there is a fix to or else play around with the script because i have done everything i could to make it work and found out that it is a Unity issue. So let them solve it i would suggest .