Mechainm Animation to Ragdoll

Hello there,
is there any way how to switch a character to ragdoll while he’s walking or sprinting…
like this, but he should not be able to stand up again. I just want him to fall on the ground while playing an animation.

Hope you can help me.
Thanks in advance!!

Transition from Mecanim to ragdoll is relatively straightforward:

  • Make sure your character has an Animator controller with your Mecanim animations set up.

  • Then add the appropriate ragdoll colliders, rigidbodies, and joints to your character. (You can use the Ragdoll wizard to do this automatically for you if you want)

  • When you want Mecanim to provide the animation control: enable the Animator, and set the “Is Kinematic” option on all the limb’s rigidbodies to be true. It sounds like this will be your initial starting state. (“Is Kinematic = true” tells Unity that you (or rather, the Animator in this case) will move the limbs manually)

  • At the point you want to switch the character to ragdoll control: disable the Animator, and set the “Is Kinematic” option on all the limb’s rigidbodies to be false. (“Is Kinematic = false” tells Unity that the PhysX system should control the limb’s movement)

  • If you want to retain the forward momentum that the Animator controller had at the point they change to ragdoll, you can apply a force to the rigidbody on the hips based on the last Animator.deltaPosition.

As it happens, I’m working on my own script at the moment intended to go the other way - from ragdoll to Mecanim control, which is proving more tricky… the video you linked to was interesting as I’d not seen it before and seems very similar to my own!