Mechanim Blending - Padding before blend begins?

I have a 2D Freeform Directional blend tree for a top-down game, where the player can go forward walking/running or backward walking on the Pos Y axis, and turn left/right on the Pos X axis.

I’m looking for a way to keep the left/right turning from starting until after the value on Pos X is above 0.1 (for right turn) or below -0.1 (for left turn).

Currently if the players finger is just a little bit off center the turn starts to blend, which slows down the forward movement. If there was a way to add a bit of padding, the player would have to move the finger a bit more left/right to begin the turn blending.

Is this possible?[12108-screen+shot+2013-06-17+at+10.48.13+pm.png|12108]

I just created a test controller as you described, and it works fine. You have to set the Blend Type to 2D Freeform Directional (or 2D Freeform Cartesian). 2D Simple Directional won’t work.

In the screenshot, I increased the padding to 0.5 instead of 0.1, but the concept is the same.