Mechanim jaw muscles

The jaw muscles in the Mechanim humanoid animation type seem to take over during the animation blending of states. In my case the player’s jaw does not accept the animations in the FBX when walking. In fact, when the player walks, the jaw opens and closes; this opening and closing is not in the walk FBX animation. I can turn this off by type in 0 min and max in the jaw muscles. But, my jaw animation still does not display on the model when walking.

How do I get my jaw animation in the FBX file to display on the player model with Mechanim humanoid animation type?


The muscles have propriety if they have bones mapped to the avatar. If you have facial animation in your FBX that you want to see on the player, then do not map bones to the avatar facial bones; make sure the left eye, right eye, and jaw say “None(Transform)” in the mapping."

Hope this helps somebody,