Mechanim Trigger Issue

Currently we are having an issue where a trigger is being ignored on our lower body layer, but not on our upperbody layer. When the player chooses to aim on stairs and then perform a dodge roll via a trigger, the trigger does fire, but the lower body transition is ignored. We are in two different mechanim states at the time of the aim on the stairs, the normal “Movement Tree” on the upper body & “Stair Tree” on the lower body. After a dodge roll is initiated the trigger is now active “supposedly” for both layers regardless of what state each layer is in. The upperbody produces the correct results and exits via transition to the dodgeroll. The lowerbody however ignores the trigger completely causing an issue with the animation because the lowerbody is needed to perform a proper dodgeroll.

Thoughts on what may be my problem here. Clearly, or at least its assumed, when on any state on any number of layers transitions should respond to triggers.


  1. not enough information to properly answer you. also, I recommend leaving the assumption that it’s a bug in the engine, as the LAST resort. because 99.9% of the time, that assumption is wrong.
  2. My psychic debugging powers are telling me that the layer which “ignores the trigger” does so because on that layer, you’re not in a state which has a transition with the trigger, but in some other state, not connected to where you want to get.