Memory Issue with Native Memory/Unity Subsystems/Managers/Shared Strings

Essentially I have a game that was working, then it wasn’t, for no apparent reason. I’m not a nooby at making unity games either, I really haven’t changed the code fundamentally to cause this issue showing up, I’ve tested it several which ways.

Here’s what I narrowed it down to:
Screenshot (50)

The image shows a memory capture, when compared to previous captures this ‘shared strings’ value just grows exponentially basically regardless of what you do in-game.

My first thought was to optimized all string references in my game, so I did. I reduced in code string references to absolute minimum. that didn’t work

I have tried deleting and rebuilding nonessential project files, to no avail. Is it time to switch to different versions or reinstall all packages?

If this has happened to anyone else, please show any findings, thanks for the help!