Memory leak gallore

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At our company we have several projects relying heavily on Unity. We used all the tricks out there (, but somehow when we close our webplayer, one title still has 150 MB and another has 200 MB of unreleased memory (both in Firefox and Chrome). What is worse, is that when you start a new game, without killing the previous plugin container, it simply adds to this memory residue, so it’s not a question of caching. The editor too, appears to have this problem.

Now, of course, you can accuse us of bad programming. Sure. We’re the worst programmers ever. However, it cannot be that the virtual machine does not release the memory claimed by our games, anno 2011. So my question is twofold:

  • Do other developers recognize any of this?
  • When is Unity3D going to upgrade its version of Mono? (and don’t say it’s too ingrained in Unity, that’s what design patterns are for)

Sorry for the tone, but something needs to be done, since 3.5, at the moment, doesn’t hint at any improvement in this area.

ps: Starting the game again and closing it adds 150 or 200 mb respectively, so the residue increases 150, 300, 450 etc. And remember that users have more than 1 tab open, so machines start swapping rather fast.
pps: Another thing we’ve looked at Memory Management and List - Questions & Answers - Unity Discussions

For what it’s worth I went to the Mono web site and installed their latest version. It works perfectly with Unity.