Memory Leak Help

I wasn’t keeping an eye on the profiler and the taskmanager for my Game’s memory. Now, when I decided to check, I certainly do have a memory leak. The profiler shows(also the task manager) my memory is increasing by 1MB everytime I run the game. So, I tried everything, including my code check, couldn’t figure it out. finally decided to make a backup of the whole game folder then tried deleting all the assets one by one starting with the game scripts until I ended up with only just the first scene. Still the Same leak(1mb increase each time I run my game). I don’t know what to do, Anyone out there can solve my problem?

I cannot attach the game, because I don’t want to give out all my codes or assets.

I have read a similar issue from another user who was intentionally allocating and deallocating and observing the memory behavior after their deallocation.

Since he reported the same amount of memory leak after each execution, I suggested that he quit the game and checked if the memory was freed or not, but he performed a slightly different check.

So, have you checked that unity frees the memory or not after you quit it? I haven’t been able to reproduce the issue.

As a side note, I read that instantiated textures aren’t destroyed automatically. Does your scene perform any particular texture operations?

The analyst replied after he ran the same empty scene, and confirmed that there is a 1MB memory leak. He assured that he will reply after talking with the devs.