Memory problem. How do I dump a Streaming Asset from memory?

I’m working on an iPhone game app. I’ve tried a couple of things to unload my movie from memory. I tried putting the (GameObject(prefab) with the movieScript attached to it) into my Resources folder and then instantiated it into In the first scene, then I call Resources.UnloadUnusedAssets() in the second scene which is only contains an empty game object(Interstitial scene) This doesn’t work because my Streaming Assets Folder takes precedence over everything and my script automatically calls from the Streaming Assets Folder. How do I play a movie and then dump it from memory? My movie script is below from scene 1:

 function Start () {
    Handheld.PlayFullScreenMovie ("MyMovie94.mp4",, FullScreenMovieControlMode.CancelOnInput);

This is the script in my second(empty)scene 2:

#pragma strict

function Start (){
    yield WaitForSeconds(3);

Would please show me how to unload memory(a movie) created from my Streaming Assets Folder? Thanx