Memory profiler questions

I recently upgraded to Pro to take advantage of it’s rich features including the Profiler. While looking at the Memory profiler, I found some strange behavior:

In this picture you can see that I have a fresh empty project and scene, with no imported assets or anything. I do have about 5 scripts but they reference no assets, only floats and strings. They are not currently attached to any game objects. The memory profiler is doing some interesting things here… It’s bobbing up and down, which adjusts the Meshes parameter between 430kb and 600 kb. There are also apparently 9 GameObjects in scene, 111 total objects in scene, and 1752 total object count. Im using 67 MB of memory in used Total, and it says total system memory useage is 234 MB. Can someone explain to me what exactly this is telling me? For one, I have zero game objects in this scene (just the camera, no scripts attached). What is causing the memory to bounce? Im not creating/destroying objects… Also, why are there so many assets? I didn’t import anything except a few scripts, let alone >1500 assets. Thanks very much.

The Unity editor contains many assets for default meshes, materials, etc. The camera is in the scene, so that’s obviously more than zero GameObjects. Why you have 9, I don’t know…a default empty scene here says 2. (Although, again, not sure why that’s not just 1.)