Memory use grows when objects become visible


I noticed a weird thing when profiling on a device :

I have an 3D model on the scene that is not visible by the camera. I see its textures and meshes loaded into memory.

But as soon as the object is rendered by the camera, the memory suddenly grows inside the “GfxDriver” area, by almost the total amount of assets already loaded into memory.

Maybe it’s a normal behavior of the engine on mobile, but I’d like some explanations about it to be able to manage the assets budget precisely.

Here are 2 screenshots to illustrate this issue :

Before the object is rendered by the camera

After the object is rendered by the camera

Thanks for your help!

When the model is visible, it has to be sent to the GPU for rendering. It’s expected that this will consume additional memory. The value reported is read from the graphics driver, it’s not Unity using this memory.