Menu selection help

Hey guys, im currently working on a project, for my game, Code_Blue.
I have a question, i think its hard to do. I dont have Unity Pro, and im not good to Java coding.

I have this AC-130Gunship, with a camera, and guns of couse, you can shoot and all that.
And it flies in a cirkle around the middel of the terrain, the terrain is allready finish, and have enemy random spawn.

I also have a FPS player on the ground, with all the same, just without a weapon (going to do that later)

Okay, so i want in the MAIN MENU to give the player the option to be on the ground as a FPS player, or be in the AC-130GUNSHIP. If he enters the FPS mode, the AC-130 should not be there, but the terrain should be the same.

Thank you for helping :slight_smile: -

Don’t instantiate the gunship in the scene if player choses FPS