Menu to game play JAVA Script

I am developing a small game.

I will get straight to the point.

What I am trying to do is. When the game starts A video will play on a cube that will read as a animated texture. This is one scene. I have a other scene that is my main menu that will show up right after the video is finished playing.

What do I have.

What code to i need to write, to go from one scene to the other when clicking on a item, or after a time based.???


First, thank you for your responds, love to meet new people and share information.

However, I have unity pro, the code did work, but my audio is not playing. I have saved the audio separately, and I have attached the audio to the cube(plane). It works but it is of sync.

Also, the quality of the video seems a little washed out.
Will this change once i actually make a build>?

I was researching and I came across a different approach to execute this. Its with GUI. It allows you to call in a video as well, but not sure how to approach it, or what code to use.

Aldin B

Also, how do you make a video loop???

“The video quality is “washed out”? Are you texturing something with your video, and if so, how are you lighting it?”

well i am using the video texture assigned to a cube as a in game cut scene. When i watch the video outside unity, it looks clean and sharp, when i play and test the video in unity it looks washed out, and the quality is low. like it is being compressed.