Menus in the compiled-published exe

New to unity3d and I’ve been asked to participate in developing a game in it. I’m in charge of the menus of the game. Does anybody know how we can make menus in the compiled window of the game. Not menus with the GUI library but standard window menus like File,Edit,Options etc. Thanks in advance!

If you’re using Javascript or Boo, it’s likely not possible to get stock Window’s menus without some serious workarounds/hacks since neither language has anywhere close to native support for Windows Forms’ menus.

In C#, the most likely way to get native style menus is through System.Windows.Forms.Menu and System.Windows.Forms.MainMenu.

The problem is that Unity doesn’t support Windows Forms, and thus has no support for native menus. If you still want to try to hack in something unsupported and undocumented, you could move a System.Windows.Forms.dll into your Assets/Plugins folder. This will let you import it into a script via ‘using System.Windows.Forms’. That probably won’t be sufficient to do anything since Unity’s windows probably aren’t handled in .NET, and you’ll have to resort to user32.dll imports and work with methods exposed there to tap into the window’s properties. Then you’re probably doing some cross-thread stuff, things get hairy, and you can forget supporting multiple platforms, let alone having code that will work between versions of Unity.

In short, it’s not supported and you’re better off using Unity’s GUI.