Mereonozis. Survival on another planet

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Hi guys.

After publishing my last game 1.5 years ago, I've been in a long search what to do next. After certain researches, demo creations and playtests, I decided to make a survival game. Maybe it would remind Subnautica, but I'm not about to clone anything. It will be a completely different game, I already planned a lot of new interesting features.

Despite currently I don't have much time, I will do my best to regularly update the thread and upload the new playable demos on the project page, even if there will be a very simple basic gameplay.

The first demo will be very soon.

First step - containers.
The first thing I implemented is the containers. You may open your inventory, opent another container and move the items between them. This is the functionality of the very first built.

I wanted to dedicate the second devlog to the player's inventory, containers and basic needs (food, oxygen and so on) which I implemented, but a minor feature just stole the show. This is jumping with a low gravity - it turned out to be quite addictive to jump around the mountains.

Items craft is ready - it's not a complex feature, but still a very powerful one. After it's implementation I'm able to stuff it with some rough content (a little more realistic, then a loaf of bread made of 1.5 oxygen cylinders :) ) and to playtest the features I'm still in doubt how definetely should they look like in the end.

I prepared the build for playtests, so the new version of my game is not just a demo with some working mechanics - this is a little game with some content, purpose and so on. I balanced the game in order to make it more tense then it should be - to compensate the small amount of content and the fact that there is nothing special to explore yet, so that a player would be busy trying to survive and to reach the mission goal.

Also, the oxygen hose is far from ideal, but this is just a quick implementation. I have some options in mind about this mechanic, what to do next with it, so I will work on it thoroughly much later, at least after the playtest.

Vehicles mechanics are implemented. In the future, I will create machines for every miner's needs. I haven't created any video, because I think it would look too awful right now (due to the very rough graphics). But I have in mind a couple of interesting ideas about the new mechanics utilizing the vehicles, and that will be the next iteration of the development.

My first experience in Blender. First I wanted just to create some rough models for the vehicles in order to put them into the game instead of the default Unity meshes, but after that I thought that I'm able to make a teaser for the early version.
All models are mine except for wheels and an astronaut: they are from the stocks


Looks nice. Keep it up.

Added the artwork from the teaser into the game. Also I implemented some new mechanics, although I haven't rebalanced the game.

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I have created a number of mechanics for the second part of my game - living on a starship. A starship, where something went wrong years ago. I also pulled out old mechanics from one of my prototypes: magnetic boots, which you can see in the trailer. It would fit my game more than perfectly.
The current demo contains one location with a rough balance (not perfect, but enough to make a demo playable).


I've been very busy since the latest update, so the only system I added is the saving system. The system is not perfect, and I'm about to improve it from version to version. This is an open world game with user generated content, so this system requires maximum attention.
I can't guarantee that the saves made in the current game will be compatible with the next versions, but I plan to make it a little more flexible.
The latest version (0.07) is available.